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Trash Compactor is the great invention which unfortunately is not widely used. Only around 3% of homes in the US have it. The purpose of the trash compactor is to compact 2-3 bags of garbage down into one bag. That saves trash storage space as well as disposal labor.

There is a mechanism that is crushing down the trash. All are required to close the unit and turn the knob and it will crush all the garbage all the way down. The ram (the platform that presses down on the garbage) in the trash compactor squeezes the trash flat with tremendous force. There also another future that is helpful and that is an air filter due to the fact that simply trash smells.

Overall trash compactors are very easy to maintain as all that needs to be done is cleaning the interior of your trash compactor, ram and any part that comes into direct contact with the garbage.

But like with any mechanism there is a possibility of something to go wrong. Sometimes items such as cans or jars will go inside the bag of the trash compactor and can cause the problem. Unusual noise during the crashing might be a sign that you need a professional who can look into the matter. There is also the possibility that air filter needs to be changed (if there is one) at least once or twice a year. Garbage and other things can build up in the rollers, tracks, and wheels., so a replacement might be necessary. Tension on the drive chain or belt should not be loose and it is preferable to check it once a year otherwise it might damage gears and sprockets.

Most common problems include: The drawer won’t close/open Compactor is too noisy Ram is stuck in the middle Trash is not compacted Failed Switch Motor can burn out

Whether it is maintenance or repair when you contact in an expert you will be saving money in the long run. You’ll be able to get a lot more out of your appliances rather than having to replace them. Don’t go at it alone, there are experts waiting to help you out with quality trash compactor repair.

AXIS OC SERVICE makes the effort to keep your appliance working and has the ability to provide our clients with appraisals with the repair so you can make a well-informed decision on exactly how to repair your trash compactor problems. We even offer a warranty on labor as well as repair parts that were installed. If a not working or inoperative trash compactor has been literally making your life a lot more challenging, please do not delay to seek solutions from our specialists. We bring our passion with regard to our work and respect for our clients to each and every job.

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