Refrigerator repair is the best choice for advanced homeowners

Refrigerator repair is the best choice for advanced homeowners

Today, the refrigerator is an indispensable attribute of any modern kitchen. We use it daily and sometimes we can take a portion of food from it several times a day. People usually take this seriously when choosing a refrigerator and do not buy the first one they see, since this expensive and at the same time high-quality equipment should last at least 5, or even all 10 years. Sometimes the device does not work well even for a year due to improper maintenance or factory malfunctions.
Over time, some components of the refrigerator become obsolete, which also has a significant impact on its service life. The solution to all these and hundreds of other cooling problems is a high-quality same-day repair performed by AXIS OC SERVICE specialists. The latest equipment, proven working methods and pleasant staff are all the main principles of our business. We offer you detailed information about our services “refrigerator repair near me”.

Types of refrigerators we repair


These refrigerators are among the most frequent models on the market. Their most common types (French doors, side by side, etc.) can be found in almost every Canadian home, but this does not affect the complexity of their repair. The most common problems faced by free-standing types are too high internal temperature of the device and malfunctioning doors. Such matters may require professional equipment that is not always available to ordinary homeowners. Our local home appliance repair specialists can provide you with these refrigerator repair parts and meet all your needs.


Unlike the previous one, this type of refrigerator is only gaining popularity. But due to the complex installation and built-in nature of this device, it can be difficult to get to the crash site if you find the first symptoms of a malfunction. This model also has compressors at the top, which often results in higher overheating than freestanding models. For such refrigerators, self-repair is not a solution to the problem, but an option for its aggravation; other parts of the device may be damaged in the process.


The freezer is an indispensable device for long-term storage of food, in which low temperatures must always be maintained in order to keep food frozen and stored for weeks or even months. When such a device fails, its repair has countless features: replacing the thermostat or control unit, repairing the temperature and air sensor by replacing the engine, or a complete diagnosis performed to determine the cause of the compressor failure. Everyone can do it on their own, so there is a need for high-quality repair of the refrigerator, provided by qualified specialists.

Wine fridge

This type of refrigerator is markedly different from the previous ones in that even its name indicates a special way of using it. The difference is not limited to the name – at the same time, it is not easy to repair. In addition to frequent compressor problems due to overheating or lack of power to start, these devices have thermostat and condenser problems, which in turn affect the already mentioned compressor. As a result, the device does not sufficiently cool the wine. In any case, in order to quickly and adequately maintain or repair this refrigeration device, you will need to hire a qualified specialist.


Ice makers are quite expensive devices. They are made of stainless steel, so they are durable. There are countertops, portable, under the counters, ice generators, modular (ice maker heads) ice generators and ice dispensers. They produce ice in the same way, but the dispenser and modular ice maker are more advanced devices.
A modular ice maker can also have additional ice bins, soda dispensers, and other features. Some unique malfunctions can occur with dispensers and modular ice makers, such as problems with ice delivery or dosing system, problems with soda dosing system, etc.

Common Refrigerator Issues We Deal With

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Advantages of our Refrigeration Equipment Repair

If your fridge has started acting up and bothers you, interrupting your comfortable home life, it’s high time to call for help. Our licensed appliance repairmen are just a few blocks away and ready to come to the rescue.